Sex, Liebe und die Suche nach Sinn

Spirituell gefärbte Gedanken und Geschichten zur Evolution der Liebe

What if you would die and I had missed you

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What if you would die and I had missed you

missed the fragrance

failed to recognize what you most deeply

truly are

yet, I have glimpsed enough of you

to see

that I will always need to look

more closely


more quietly

pay more attention

resist the quick and smart

conclusions of my mind

and then

as has been proven

before and again and again

who we can be together

shows itself

and grows.

Not in any way I


foresaw or


But in some

self-revealing mystery

two galaxies in passing

creating a heretofore unheard of song

in brutal lack of self protection

in assumption of unity

before all else.


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